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As our users, we would like to explain to you what happens when you first visit, and hence why we use cookies to provide the absolute best user-experience of our website. Kindly note that our website is not intended for users younger than the age of 18, and any such users are kindly requested to not use

Cookies help us deliver an optimum user-experience of, but we understand that you might not be aware of what cookies are. Therefore, we have written this Cookie & Privacy Policy to explain everything about cookies, what they do, how they do it, etc.

We encourage you – especially if you are unfamiliar with cookies – to carefully read through our Cookie & Privacy Policy to better understand what information cookies contain, and so on.

What Cookies Do

Cookies are, in essence, text files that contain information in the form of encrypted text about your devices, your activity on our website, and so forth. We use this information to continually improve user-experience on, and other similar functions.

Cookies are picked up by your browser from the websites you visit. Whenever you access a website, your browser requests information from the website’s servers. The information is essential for your browser to load the website.

At the same time, a prompt appears asking for permission to generate cookies. If permission is granted, cookies are created and sent to your browser as part of the information that it has requested; some of those cookies can be saved on your computer.

However, as a user, you are at leisure to refuse to give websites permission to create cookies, and can disable and deleted cookies altogether. Although this is not recommended, we will explain how to do both.

Do Cookies Contain Personal Information?

Absolutely not! In spite of the fact that cookies are files of text, they do not contain any personal information. The collection of personal information would breach stringent data protection laws, so it is illegal, and also unethical for us to do so.

Cookies, in fact, contain non-personal information about users’ devices, the time of users’ visits, users’ timezones, users’ activity on, like which pages they visited, etc. This information is completely non-personal and cannot be used to identify our users.

This information is collected by Google Analytics/Hotjar, which also performs statistical analyses on the information. The analyses and information is necessary for us to be able to diagnose any technical issues, improve user-experience, and so on.

Is There Only One Kind of Cookie?

No, as there are in fact many kinds of cookies, all with their respective functions that contribute to an optimised user-experience. We use 3 different kinds of cookies on, and this section will identify them and explain what they do.

1. Session Cookies

These cookies are also known as ‘transient cookies’ because they solely exist during your session on Once your session expires, either because you closed the browser or the tab used to visit, these cookies are immediately deleted.

Session cookies are essential in making work correctly since they make our website ‘understand’ that you are the same user browsing its pages. Due to this, disabling session cookies is highly detrimental to your experience of

2. Functional Cookies

Unlike session cookies, functional cookies are permanent, in that, they are saved on your computer by your browser. However, these cookies can be deleted from your computer. How that can be done will be explained in a later section.

These cookies contain information about all the personalised adjustments made to our website. Whenever users revisit our website, their browser retrieves these cookies and sends them to Our website will then automatically reapply those changes.

3. Analytic Cookies

These cookies, like functional cookies, are also permanent, in that they are saved, but instead of on your computer, they are saved on our databases. These cookies are what we use to perform analyses on based on the non-personal information they contain.

Analytic cookies allow us to be able to continually improve the user-experience of, troubleshoot technical issues that users encounter, make sure that operates correctly on all devices, understand user trends, understand which pages are most popular, etc.

For Those Without a Sweet Tooth

This section will explain how users can both delete and disable cookies. We do not recommend that users do either as doing so will impair user-experience of our website, but we will explain how to do so regardless. All that needs to be done is accessing your browser’s settings.

Under the ‘security’/’privacy’ section of your browser’s settings is the option to disable cookies. Simply tick it and websites will not create cookies from that moment on. Deleting cookies is also done from your browser’s settings by clicking the ‘clear browsing data’ option.

Browsing data is a collection of temporary files like browsing history, cookies, etc. Should you require more information about cookies, you can visit this site to have a clearer idea of how they operate.

Updates to Our Policy

There is an appreciable chance that our policy will be updated in the future. All changes made to our policy will be tracked on this page. Because of this, we highly encourage you to check this page from time to time to be aware of any changes.

On a final note, we would like to reassure you that cookies solely contain non-personal information, and that all such information is not shared with and/or sold to any third parties, and is not used for any purposes other than the ones explained above.

Date last updated: 10/12/2018