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Blackjack with Live Dealers

When online casinos started to operate, the blackjack games that were offered were digital forms of the game. This means that they were completely computerised and did not offer the enhanced graphics and animations found in today’s games. However, over the years, software providers have adopted modern technologies when developing blackjack games, and now, players can enjoy realistic forms of this casino classic right from home. One of the most popular forms of online blackjack is live blackjack. This type of game offers the ability for online players to play along with a live game that is simulcast from a land based casino or an online casino studio.

With live blackjack, players will enjoy playing with a live dealer. This allows them to see every move that is made, from the shuffle to the final show of cards. Blackjack with live dealers has become the most played game online and offers a feeling of being in a real casino for many players. With this game, real money can be won and a number of mobile casinos have started to offer live blackjack as an option to players.

With a live blackjack game, players will see an actual live broadcast of a dealer that is running that particular game. A great benefit of playing this type of game online is the ability to chat with the dealer as well as interact with other players at the table. Blackjack games online that feature live dealers bring players as close to the real thing as possible, making them a perfect selection for any player that has enjoyed blackjack in a land casino in the past and is looking for the best and most realistic gambling experience in an online setting.

Live Blackjack Advantages

Playing blackjack with live dealers brings the most amazing experience to online gamblers. With these types of games, the realism is like nothing seen in the past. Live dealer games allow players the unique ability to watch as the entire game unfolds. With standard online blackjack games, the game is computerised and players will not see all aspects, such as the shuffle. However, with a live dealer blackjack game, everything is played out right in front of players and the deal and all game actions are live.

Another great benefit to playing this form of blackjack online is that it is played in real time. With live dealers always available, the games can be played at any time and players can occupy the seats that are available at the table. With these games, there are a limited number of seats offered at each table.

For experienced players, live dealer blackjack games allow for the use of game strategies that cannot be employed when playing online blackjack games. For example, it is possible to count cards with a live dealer game. The reason for this is that the hands are dealt from a shoe and the cards will only be shuffled when about ¾ of the cards have been used. This allows a card counter to be accurate and have better chances of determining what cards are left in the shoe.
In addition to these advantages, live dealer blackjack offers the ability to spot dealer tells since the dealer is a live person. There can be some physical actions by the dealer that can indicate what card is being held. Any experienced and smart blackjack player will be able to spot these tells and play their hand accordingly.

Winning with Live Dealer Blackjack

The very first thing to do to become successful with a live dealer blackjack game is to learn how to count cards. Since the real dealer is available, card counting can be a powerful weapon with this game. Players who can count cards can also combine this with other game strategies to come out on top more often.

The key to winning is to keep beginning bets small and build a bankroll. Most live dealer blackjack games will support a variety of bet amounts, but playing for lower amounts will allow players to enjoy more hands and better their game play overtime. After learning the ropes and becoming comfortable with game strategies, players can increase their bets to achieve higher payouts.

Live Dealer Blackjack Variations

Players who have enjoyed blackjack games in an online casino will be familiar with the many variations that are offered. Unfortunately, these same variations are not available when playing live dealer blackjack. Most online casinos that support live dealer games will have a live blackjack and a classic live blackjack game. The differences between the two games are minimal, however, they do exist. When playing live blackjack, players can only hit one time after splitting a hand. With classic live blackjack, players can enjoy more than one hit. All live blackjack games will pay 3:2 for a Blackjack unless that hand is achieved after splitting. The games also offer insurance bets that will pay 2:1.

Depending on the software that is being used by the online casino offering the live dealer blackjack game, there could be other variations available. In Playtech live casinos, players can enjoy European Blackjack as well.

Where to play Blackjack with Live Dealers

With the growing popularity of live dealer games, many of the leading online casinos in the industry will offer a live blackjack selection for real money players. It is also possible to find mobile casinos that feature a live dealer option. For players who are residing in the United States, one of the best sites offering live blackjack is Grand Macao. At this casino, players will enjoy a live dealer game developed by Top Game and can place real money wagers. A large majority of online casinos that are powered by leading software providers will offer a live casino where blackjack can be enjoyed at any time.